Legacy of Secrecy

Tell your Senators
and Representative

The 1992 JFK Act requires all government JFK assassination files to be released by 2017, but OMB Watch has stated that "well over a million CIA records" related to the assassination remain unreleased.  Even worse, the CIA stated in a lawsuit last year that they might withhold files related to JFK's assassination even beyond 2017.

The Martin Luther King assassination files are even farther away from release.  Files used by the House Select Committee on Assassinations in their King investigation remain sealed until the year 2029.  However, as Legacy of Secrecy extensively documents, the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and other agencies withheld crucial files about the murders of King and JFK from that Congressional investigation and others.  In addition, we can now document that two men who confessed to JFK's murder—and one who talked about it on tape before the JFK's assassination—were also involved to some degree in Dr. King's assassination.

Getting Congress, or the new Obama administration, to fully enforce the 1992 JFK Act is the quickest way to get all of the JFK and King files released this year.  If you want that to happen, it's important to let your own Representative or Senators know right now.  To contact them, go to this link and send a short, polite note about your desire to see the JFK and King assassination files released now.

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