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Here are links to interviews and coverage of Legacy of Secrecy on television, radio, newspapers, and the web. Keep in mind that content providers might move or remove the posted content at any time:


New York City's WPIX Morning News on Legacy's revelations about the JFK and King assassination files, 3-6-09

Fox News about JFK's assassination 1-25-09

CNN on JFK's assassination 1-8-09

Good Day Atlanta on the JFK and King assassinations 12-19-08


These are just two of the many dozens of recent radio interviews by Lamar Waldron about Legacy of Secrecy:

Between the Lines by Valerie Jackson (widow of pioneering Atlanta mayor Maynard Jackson), discussing the King and JFK assassinations, on Atlanta's NPR-affiliate, WABE

The Lionel Show, Air America, on JFK's assassination
Part I
Part II


Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1-11-09

Liz Smith, syndicated columnist, on JFK's assassination 1-5-09

Liz Smith on Martin Luther King's assassination 1-7-09

Associated Press: Their January 2009 review was carried in hundreds of newspapers and web sites in the US and Canada, including NBC's Today Show:

Publishers Weekly (starred review) Nov. 2009


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